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100’s of employees placed in jobs every month!

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

We at CIO Recruitment Ltd, pride ourselves on the privacy of our clients data, through our sister company we have been working worldwide with the vast majority of senior CIO's/IT Directors now for over 17 years, and have 100's of man years experience in this sector. Our business model requires an up do date database which we believe is probably the biggest and best in the world within this sector, with 100's of thousands of current clients on both sides of the fence, namely the biggest Companies looking for the right candidates to fill their roles and the most senior candidates/employees (CIO/IT Directors and reportees) looking to take on the next challenge with the right mix of experience, knowledge and personality.

Our USP's are as follows:

1. Private Booths at CIO Institute Events worldwide, allowing companies and candidates to approach in privacy when looking for the next challenge or looking to recruit. Please remember the companies and CIO's are already attending these gatherings so we are already in the right place for these interactions/communication to take place.

2. Probably the Largest up to date database in the world in this sector.

3. If you're recruiting please remember that the CIO's/IT Directors will be coming direct to us if looking for the next step in their career.

Industries/Sectors We Serve
  • All Top Blue Chip Companies

  • Fortune 500 Companies

  • Top Footsie Companies

  • Cloud security

  • Email security

  • IT Security

  • Telecoms

  • Data Centres

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